Dino Rescue Team [Early Access]

Update: iOS beta access now available!
I’ve been working ¬†on Dino Rescue Team for sometime now, I can say the early access feature on the Play Store makes life very easy and I feel comfortable releasing quick iterations with breaking changes, the feedback so far has been amazing that I’m going to start writing a bit more about what’s going on, but for now, my shameless plug:


Android Beta

iOS Beta

Integrating GREE into your cocos2d(-x) game !

UPDATE 2: I recommend following the official guide from GREE’s blog !, since it’ll always be up to date (I guess)
UPDATE 1: I’ve now updated the tutorial to support cocos2d-x !, thanks to the readers who’ve helped out !

To skip to the cocos2d-x part, click here.

Okay, A couple of the readers on the last GREE post requested that I do this writeup to show you how to implement the GREE platform into your cocos2d game !
So, here it is folks !

Note: if you just want the code immediately, here’s the download link !, for everyone else, read on!

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